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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Member Salah Sultan Message from Junta Jail: Steadfast to the End
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Member Salah Sultan Message from Junta Jail: Steadfast to the End
University Professor Salah Sultan, currently detained by the military junta, affirms he and his prison mates are in high spirits despite evident 'slow death' tactics and torture by coup authorities.
Sunday, February 16,2014 10:34

From the dark dungeons of the mad military's toughest prison, Dr. Salah Sultan sent this message:

The putschists will not break our determination or our spirits... We told them, during interrogation: "Consider us martyrs, already"!

Now, we are in the notorious high-security Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison. Conditions are very bad. We are nearly 21 detainees together, including Khairat Al-Shater (Vice-Chairman of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood) and Essam Al-Haddad (Adviser to President Morsi) and his son.

We suffer a deliberate process of slow death and torture. We never see neither the sun, nor sunlight, at all. While days in our cells are the same as evenings and nights, we are not allowed to have watches or clocks to tell the time (e.g. for prayers). With no exercise time allowed, we remain in dark cells that have no ventilation, for 24 hours every day.

Our cell is a sealed freezer – so cold, bottles of water we try to use to wash our faces are almost frozen. For food, we get three spoonfuls of rice, a slice of potato or a spoonful of lentils. That is the whole day's food.

If our families visit, we cannot see them. If they send in food, we do not get any of it, nor do we get any medicines, although some here suffer serious chronic diseases and need their medicines. As for clothing, we are only allowed the light clothes we have on right now, which do nothing to protect us from the severity of winter cold. We are not given or allowed any blankets or mattresses, except for just one prison blanket to sleep on and at the same time use for cover.

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