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Judge Hisham Geneina: Least Government Corruption Ever Under President Morsi
Judge Hisham Geneina: Least Government Corruption Ever Under President Morsi
According to ex-lawmaker Geneina, the legitimate President Morsi's brief term in office enjoyed the greatest degree of integrity and uprightness.
Tuesday, February 18,2014 12:44

Egyptian judge Hisham Geneina affirmed that any irregularities that took place under the elected President Mohamed Morsi were no real offenses, especially when one considers the rampant corruption which preceded, and followed, his rule. Geneina said: "It is normal to have irregularities in any state institution. But what happened in the presidential institution under Morsi does not amount to any level of corruption at all.

"The Egyptian public prosecution service is now taking punitive action against its own members, because they opened wide files of corruption of senior state officials. And they do have gigantic corruption files, indeed, that have been exposed recently."

In a press conference Monday, Judge Geneina further added: "There are many government bodies responsible for monitoring senior officials. However, those bodies condone acts of corruption for the benefit of specific individuals".

On another subject, he said: "The assault on the Nile River waterway continues, amid official negligence and incompetence... In fact the amount of irregularities under Morsi was the least in all time after the Revolution in Egypt".

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