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Tarek Al-Zomar: President Morsi Released Revolution Youths Not Jihadists
Tarek Al-Zomar: President Morsi Released Revolution Youths Not Jihadists
Chairman of Construction and Development Party affirms that decision to release him and his brother, as well as other political prisoners, was made by the military council (SCAF) in 2011, not by President Morsi.
Thursday, February 20,2014 07:07

Dr. Tarek Al-Zomar, Construction and Development Party leader, and former member of Islamic Group (Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya), revealed that during the January Revolution, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), not the elected President Mohamed Morsi,  ordered the release of more than 80% of jihadists, stressing that the deep state and military intelligence endeavored to undermine and vilify the legitimate civilian President and the Revolution as a whole.

In an interview on "Al-Jazeera Live - Egypt" satellite TV channel, Dr. Zomar said: "Both me and my brother were released by a direct order from then military chief Hussein Tantawi… The vast majority of those released during President Morsi's term in power were Revolution youths".


Al-Zomar criticized the military operations in Sinai stating that, "Handling every problem as a security issue mimics the repressive policies of ousted Mubarak. Indeed, that is followed precisely by coup forces. This will always fail".


He pointed that, "The coup regime's interior minister claims President Morsi was responsible for releasing Nabil Maghrebi, although Maghrebi came out of prison in June 2011 by order of the military council (SCAF).


"I call on all loyal patriotic citizens in Egypt and the armed forces to save this homeland from the coup commanders and collaborators who are spreading chaos, corruption and terror in Egypt."

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