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Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Government Resignation Does Not Absolve Collaborators of Guilt
Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Government Resignation Does Not Absolve Collaborators of Guilt
Those who watched over repression and impoverishment of Egyptians will be held to task, notwithstanding show-resignation.
Tuesday, February 25,2014 12:11

To all patriotic revolutionary men and women of Egypt...

Resignation of those who oversaw the impoverishment and the killing of Egyptians and sold the homeland to foreign powers will not absolve them of responsibility. They think their resignation paves the way for the general who lusts after the country's top post, the patron of the republic of repression, terror and corruption. But that is not going to happen. All those who participated in this government will soon stand before the revolutionary People's Court to be held accountable for their crimes and massacres.

Al-Sisi will do anything to grab all power, despite his tragic failures. He is sacrificing his lackeys, partners in crime, one after another, bringing in new collaborators to improve his image. He is trying to get rid of the 'black box' of his crimes, forgetting that since the coup, he is the de facto ruler of the ruins that used to be Egypt, and his hands are certainly stained with the blood of Egyptians.

To all outraged Egyptians across the nation…

The departure of the disastrous Beblawi government and its failure to address the problems for which its members strongly condemned the elected President Mohamed Morsi before the coup, assures you and every Egyptian that quelling and breaking the will of the people were the real targets, and that the hijacking and sabotaging of the January 25 Revolution was the goal. The problems are still as unresolved and the ousted clan has returned for revenge and more corruption.

Therefore, persist in your peaceful protest activities. Revolution is the solution. Beat all the tools of the brutal coup, rescue your homeland, empower the will of the people, and achieve retribution.

The Revolution will continue until it topples the entire coup regime.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: February 24, 2014

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