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Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Criminal Coup Government Resignation
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Criminal Coup Government Resignation
Lurking not too far behind the scene, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces pulls the strings once again, clearing the set for a new episode of power-grabbing, deception, repression and delusion.
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Wednesday, February 26,2014 11:08

Who rules Egypt?

With the military-installed Beblawi government born dead eight months ago, the decision to bury it was long overdue. So, its removal or resignation came as no surprise to Egyptians. Ultimately, it was nothing more than a puppet regime. It is most disgraceful that its members accepted shameful roles in an abhorrent farce: generals rule from behind the scene, while a so-called civilian government pretends to act, but really has no power or authority. However, by taking part in this sinful political relationship, the Beblawi government became a partner in all the generals' national, humanitarian, political and economic crimes against the homeland and the people.

In any event, a government removed or installed is not the issue. The generals are the de facto rulers of Egypt today. They – and all who accept to act as their lackeys – bear full historical, constitutional and legal responsibility. In the eyes of the people, military rule will continue to be the cause of all the calamities in their lives, and the maker of the crises that burn Egyptians every day. All those who collaborate with the coup commanders will be regarded as criminal fascist murderers, no matter how much they claim to be civil and modern.

Thus the resignation of the Beblawi government will not absolve anyone from responsibility after they accepted to act as political puppets, bringing further shame on the so-called National Salvation Front and the other parties this government represented.

History will always remember that those who claim to be civil parties were complicit with the military in the biggest crimes of the century, and that the best of their political and economic experts have sunk the country into the quagmire of failure and then fled the field.

It is time for everyone, especially civil forces allied with the military, to understand that the key to the solution for what ails the country is to respect the popular will indicated by the ballot box, and not to trample constitutional legitimacy. The lessons of history teach that cannon and tank adventures without legitimacy are not sustainable.

Freedom and Justice Party

February 25, 2014

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