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Osama Morsi: Brother Innocent; Family Warned of Further False Accusations
Osama Morsi: Brother Innocent; Family Warned of Further False Accusations
The junta in Egypt resorts to a new dirty campaign of false accusations against revolutionary youths, especially the legitimate elected President's family, in yet another desperate attempt to demonize all opposition.
Monday, March 3,2014 05:27

 Abdullah Morsi, youngest son of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, denied accusations fabricated by coup authorities falsely charging him with possession of cannabis.

Investigating authorities detained President Morsi's son and a friend who accompanied him, after stopping them at a coup security check point in a main road.

Abdullah Morsi said to investigators who interrogated him at the detention center (a Central Security camp) that there is a political dispute with the Interior Ministry which makes it essential to call in a neutral committee of doctors to obtain a sample of his blood for analysis, refusing to give samples to junta doctors who accompanied investigators, for fear of manipulation.

According to his lawyer, Abdullah Morsi said: "I was surprised at the security check point when a police officer checking my driving license inquired whether I was President Morsi's son. In a haste, they got me and my friend out of the car. Then, I was surprised again to be handed to the police, then the prosecution service".

In a press statement, Osama Morsi, the second son of President Morsi, said: "We got a message from informed sources within state institutions last week warning us of security apparatuses readying trumped up charges against the President's sons to tarnish his image".

On his official Facebook webpage, Osama Morsi described the arrest of his brother as "an abduction – merely a way to discredit honest and honorable people... the trumped up charges of possession of drugs are simply and utterly farcical".

According to previous statements by Osama Morsi, Egyptian authorities banned travel out of the country by Morsi's sons, Osama and Ahmed, without giving reasons.
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