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Egyptian Women Condemn Deportation of Activists From Cairo Airport Friday
Egyptian Women Condemn Deportation of Activists From Cairo Airport Friday
Dozens of female activists heading for besieged Gaza Strip are stopped and then deported by repressive coup authorities.
Saturday, March 8,2014 05:10

 Women Against The Coup movement condemned in the strongest terms coup authorities' harsh treatment of 58 female activists, preventing them from entering Egypt, at Cairo airport.

In a statement, the anti-coup women's movement said: "This is yet another crime added to the coup's shameful record and the police state the putschists have turned Egypt into after July 3. This disgrace is not surprising from those who are accustomed to curbing freedoms, violating rights, and bullying women.

"The women of Egypt cordially welcome the solidarity delegation and affirm that a country where a democratic climate prevails does not commit these heinous acts. We'll be here to receive these honorable activists very soon, after reinstatement of electoral and constitutional legitimacy and the democratic process started by the January 25 (2011) Revolution, which is now being completed and reclaimed from the hands of the junta."
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