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Statement by International Coalition for Egyptians Abroad on the Anniversary of March 19
Statement by International Coalition for Egyptians Abroad on the Anniversary of March 19
Egyptian youth, sacrificing everything in pursuit of dignity, have launched a new revolutionary wave that starts on March 19, 2014 for 11 consecutive days under the slogan “The Streets are ours … Together for Liberation”. This day is the anniversary of the first Egyptian public referendum after the revolution of January 25, 2011 which was hijacked by the military in ways that diverted its path, destroyed its solidarity, and rendered it in chaos.
Wednesday, March 19,2014 05:41

This call represents a new surge of the revolt for dignity that is fueled by the sacrifices of the martyrs and the suffering of the detainees who stood up to a treacherous oppressive regime and presented everything they have for the pride of their country and the freedom of future generations.

Egyptian youth have demonstrated their awareness when they launched a unified call for freedom that rose above affiliations and orientations.  Loyalty is to Egypt and nothing takes priority over the call for truth and justice and the effort to take back the seized revolution.  It is urgent to rise above individuality, maintain focus on unity, and continue to pursue greater common goals.  This is the only way to go when it is one revolution, one dream, common concerns, one victim, and one killer.  There is no place for differences after all the masks have fallen and the plots to harm the nation and threaten future generations have been exposed.  Such realities are directly related to mounting public resentment and the spread of its reach to include all sectors of society until the country is rid of the traitors who betrayed their homeland with their vile and treacherous actions.

It is our hope that this initiative would be a positive milestone towards peaceful resolution, unified efforts, and renewed devotion that rises above limited perspectives.  The International Alliance for Egyptians Abroad affirms it continued support for the remarkable revolutionary movement and promises collaboration on any efforts that seek to achieve the goals of the Egyptian revolution of January 25, 2011.  We are most keen to highlight the peaceful nature of the revolution that impressed the world and spoke for the deep awareness of the demonstrators and their concern for the national interests of their country.  The Coalition calls on Egyptians abroad to intensify their activities during this period and demonstrate in all parts of the world in solidarity with those seeking freedom in our beloved homeland.


Within this context, the Alliance will continue to advocate for the issue at the international level by exposing the serious violations of human rights under the coup, its systemic repression of the peaceful movements that rejects its barbaric practices, its continued restriction for freedom of expression.  Free Egyptians living abroad will continue to make every effort to stop the abuses that are committed against the Egyptian people and to seek all legal means to stop the bloodshed and human rights violations that are prevalent under the coup.  Our ultimate goal is to restore freedom to our beloved homeland.  


Egyptians abroad have always been supportive of their country.  The far distance did not prevent them from sharing the Egyptian dream, working to make it possible, and caring for the future of their country.  At this stage, they are more attached to their country and more determined to advocate for their people than ever before.  They are keen to affirm their sincere patriotism and deep awareness, and will vehemently seek every legal and peaceful means to regain the independence of the Egyptian people and the freedom of their will.  


On behalf of free Egyptians abroad, the Alliance expresses support for fellow Egyptians at Home who willingly buy their country’s freedom and dignity with their own lives.  We extend a word of appreciation for the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and the detainees who set examples of dedication and determination.  We send a message of support to free Egyptians holding on to their Revolution and keeping it in every street and on every college campus.  With them, we can see the fall of the bloody coup, the release of prisoners, the retribution for the martyrs, the restoration of the democratic process, and reaching the goals of the revolution.



Long live Free Egypt, and the revolution continues.


 International Coalition for Egyptians Abroad


     General Coordinator’s Office

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