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President Morsi Reiterates Rejection of Coup, Junta
President Morsi Reiterates Rejection of Coup, Junta
Although the murderous military junta still holds President Morsi hostage, incommunicado, at a secret location, trying him on false and farcical charges, he remains steadfast against the coup and the junta, and refuses to abandon the Revolution.
Monday, April 21,2014 11:51

Elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi called upon all Egyptians to say "No" to recognition of the coup as ruling power, to retreat from the Revolution, and to negotiations that would ignore all the blood that has been spilled and the thousands of innocent citizens  that have been killed by military coup security forces, according to President Morsi's son Osama.

Osama Morsi saw his father Wednesday on the sidelines of a session of his illegitimate trial on false charges of communicating with the 'enemy'. Osama is one of the defense lawyers working on that case.

In a post on his personal page in Facebook, President Morsi's son said: "I met the President in court. He is in good health, his spirit unbroken".

Osama Morsi added that the President "urges the Egyptian people to say 'No' to recognition of the coup, to a retreat from the Revolution, and to compromise on retribution against murderers who spilled innocent blood".

Osama launched a new Hashtag for the 3 Nos: No recognition; No retreat; No Compromise, referring to his father's message.

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