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Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt
As voting in the illegitimate presidential election begins across the country, patriotic Egyptians shun the blood ballot, leaving polling stations empty.
Monday, May 26,2014 13:39

Egyptians abroad boldly boycotted the sham blood ballot, the farcical presidential election which desperately aims to legitimize the bloodthirsty general's power-grab, while he hides in fear of the people.

Then came the scandal of the supposed Supreme Committee for Elections that, in an unprecedented tactic, refused to reveal the number of eligible voters abroad so as to hide the resounding fact that no more than 4% of voters turned out to cast ballots.

To honorable, patriotic Egyptians:

Only you can grant or void legitimacy. You have already given legitimacy to the civilian President, Mohamed Morsi, now held hostage by the putschists. You should not participate in the illegitimate blood ballots.

Fraud and forgery will not lend legitimacy to the criminal putschists. No fraudulent poll results will discourage or dishearten Egypt's revolutionaries, nor will testimonies from Western powers that support the coup with money and weapons, notwithstanding the occasional hypocritical statements they issue to condemn human rights violations.

We will rely on God, the Lord of the Worlds, and we will continue our Revolution and show them our innovative peaceful actions, until this murderous, treasonous coup is completely defeated – which will come to pass soon, God willing. Then the people will regain their freedom, dignity and sovereignty in their own homeland. The people are entitled to that right.

Indeed… "God has full control of all affairs, but most people do not know."  The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: May 25, 2014

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