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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie Reiterates: Group Denounces Violence
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie Reiterates: Group Denounces Violence
During a court session Wednesday, Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Badie urges pro-democracy supporters to continue peaceful defiance.
Thursday, June 5,2014 01:39

 Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said the group has always denounced violence, and is completely committed to its peaceful approach. He assured the Egyptian people would reclaim their freedom, dignity and free will, soon.

In a speech, at the start of his trial in the case of storming a police station in Port-Said (north-east of Egypt), held at the Police Academy in Torah (south of Cairo), Dr. Badie said: "Since its establishment decades ago, the Muslim Brotherhood has never accepted or committed injustice or violence. It is fully committed to a totally peaceful approach".

He went on: "The Egyptian people have tasted freedom. They will never abandon it. They will reclaim their freedom and dignity, with their awareness and determination to achieve their demands".

A number of Muslim Brotherhood youths were inside the court hall, and greeted the group's detained leaders. Chairman Badie addressed them, saying: "Be confident of victory, and be patient…Victory is near", and chanted "Down with military rule".

Meanwhile, the Islamic preacher Dr. Safwat Hegazy and Brotherhood leader Dr. Mohamed Beltagy – also on trial in the same case – chanted: "Revolution, until victory… Revolution in all the streets of Egypt".
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