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National Alliance Condemns Recent Arrests, Detention of More Political Leaders
National Alliance Condemns Recent Arrests, Detention of More Political Leaders
Coup authorities arrest more political party leaders in Egypt in an attempt to quell growing dissent and popular discontent.
Wednesday, July 2,2014 05:53

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance condemns in the strongest terms the arrest of a number of leaders of the Alliance and the revolutionary movement and the barbaric raids on other leaders' homes. The Alliance stresses that this most repressive and reckless approach by coup authorities assures everyone that Mubarak II and his gang did not get the message yet, and that the cronies' inefficiency which put the country on the edge of a precipice makes it the duty of all remaining leaders of this homeland to take a step in the right direction by joining the people in their defiance movement.

Coup authorities have just kidnapped a number of leaders regarded as a safety valve for the peaceful Revolution, and who had been regularly blamed and criticized by some in the revolutionary movement who wish to deal in kind with coup militias. It is evident that the putschists are determined to push things to the point of outright conflict and violent confrontation. This is a treacherous and cowardly approach by the most panic-stricken commander, who is totally isolated from the people, and his cronies who are willing to sacrifice all Egyptians, even – most recently – the leaders of their own Interior Ministry yesterday, so the gang remains in power for a little bit longer.

The Alliance renews its call for a day of anger in the forthcoming July 3 protests; and stresses that this is an important moment that will represent the beginning of the final collapse of the illegitimate military coup. The Alliance calls on young people and students to lead protesters into the squares and in the streets and teach the coup regime new lessons in selfless devotion and ingenuity, with strong and careful participation of female protesters according to the rules suggested earlier.

All attempts to push the Egyptian people to abandon their effective and peaceful resistance tactics will fail. The Revolution will triumph over the putschist losers and traitors. Ultimately, the truth will invariably come out victorious, no matter how falsehood rises or rules.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: July 1, 2014
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