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Beltagy: Steadfast in Rejecting Military Coup
Beltagy: Steadfast in Rejecting Military Coup
On trial, FJP's Beltagy reiterates that all his party's and the Muslim Brotherhood's decisions, actions and stances were against injustice and repression.
Thursday, July 3,2014 14:10

In a statement from inside a Cairo court, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, senior leader of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – currently detained – charged in several trumped-up cases, affirmed continuing FJP commitment to rejecting the illegitimate military coup and all processes built on it.


Commenting on the death sentences issued against a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Dr. Beltagy said he, the Brotherhood and the FJP always endeavored to remove injustice and oppression.


Dr. Beltagy further criticized the public prosecutor's failure to summon defendants in the case of his daughter's murder, especially coup commander Al-Sisi and his then interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim.


He praised peaceful defiance action by the anti-coup movement and their continued rejection of the mass murder execution sentences and the gross injustice done in this homeland since the coup on July 3, 2013.

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