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Pro-Democracy Alliance's Hamza Zawbaa Slams Anti-Gaza Arab Rulers
Pro-Democracy Alliance's Hamza Zawbaa Slams Anti-Gaza Arab Rulers
As certain Arab regimes do little to hide their whole-hearted support for Israeli aggression against Gaza, fair-minded free-thinking leaders condemn the cold-blooded aiding and abetting of atrocious massacres.
Sunday, August 3,2014 09:58
Hamza Zawbaa, writer and leader of Egypt's Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, condemned certain Arab rulers' collusion with the Zionist enemy against the people of Gaza.

In a tweet, Zawbaa said sarcastically: "Only one sentence is missing in some of those Arab rulers' speeches: "We strongly denounce the kidnapping of innocent Jewish soldiers". We may still read that, soon".

In another tweet, Zawbaa hailed Latin America's revolt against the Zionists, denouncing Arab rulers who, instead, rose up against Gaza.
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