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Female Protesters 'Forgotten' in Brutal Coup Prisons
Female Protesters 'Forgotten' in Brutal Coup Prisons
A detailed account of 64 innocent girls and women detained in inhuman conditions in junta dungeons.
Wednesday, August 6,2014 13:16
The news media organization "Nabd El-Nahda" (Progress Pulse) published on its official Facebook page a detailed list of women and girls "forgotten" in detention in coup prisons. The list mentions where the 64 girls and women were arrested and their current places of detention, together with the trumped up crimes they are supposed to have been detained or jailed for.

According to the list, the female detainees forgotten in Qanater prison are thirty-six:

Samya Shanan and Nagah Abd-Rabbo: Rounded up in raids on Kerdasa village by coup security forces; Nagah was arrested in October 2013, and Samya in December 2013, supposedly in relation to the Nahia Police Station arson incident.

Rasha Mounir Abdel-Wahab and Hind Mounir Abdel-Wahab: Detained in the first Ramses clashes. Rasha's husband died while waiting in line to visit her in detention.

Dr Samah Samir: Arrested with her husband from the vicinity of Al-Azhar University, accused of distributing meals to Azhar students. She has been sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Salwa Hassanein (engineer), Safa Hussein (student) and Asmaa Sayed (student): Arrested on January 8, 2014, and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Laila Mohamed, Shaimaa Sayed and Asmaa Mukhtar: Arrested from the Supreme Court in January 2014, and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Samah Rifai: Arrested from Shubra town as she helped to hospital a man who had been injured in a Matareya peaceful protest march. She was accused of trying to kill the same injured man she had been trying to help.

Ayah Hegazy and Amira Farag: Arrested from "Bilady" children's foundation. They have been falsely accused of abducting children and recruiting them to take part in Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations.

Sanaa Seif, Yara Salam, Samar Ibrahim, Hanan Al-Tahhan, Nahid Sherif, Rania Al-Sheikh and Salwa Mehrez: Detained from the Itehadia Presidential Palace march that protested the putschists' law which banned demonstrations. They are all incarcerated in one room in Qanater prison.

Also in Qanater prison, Al-Azhar junior students (15 girls in four trumped up cases): Ayah Okasha, Sarah Mohamed Ali, Alaa Mohamed Ali, Alaa Sayed, Aisha Abdel-Fattah, Yasmeen Mamdouh, Asmaa Nasr, Asmaa Hamdi, Rawda Gamal, Shaimaa Omar, Afaf Omar, Rafidah Ibrahim, Hanadi Ahmed, Karima Al-Sirafi and Sarah Khaled.

In Marg Police Station, three women are held in detention: Menatualla Saad (student) – detained on a dubious charge of "possession of a camera and a Palestinian scarf"; Wagida Moussa (65 years) – detained after coup forces pulled her out of a taxi, which happened to pass a demonstration coup forces had been breaking up brutally. Because she wore the full Islamic veil, they fabricated several charges against her, including possession of a rifle, being a member of an armed organization, causing chaos and public disruption, working to suspend the Constitution, and blocking a highway. She was sentenced on July 20, 2014 to three years imprisonment and a fine of fifty thousand Egyptian pounds (approximately US$7200).

In Matareya Police Station, Hanim Mohamed El-Saghir is being held hostage. She was arrested from her home, just to put pressure on her husband to give himself up to coup forces.

15 more girls are detained in the putschists' prisons in a number of governorates across the country:

In Alexandria (5 girls): Heba Sami, Fatima Nassar, Sayeda Rifai, Wedad Kamal and Mahinur Al-Masry.

In Dakahlia (3 girls): Mennah Mustafa, Yusra Al-Khatib and Abrar Al-Anani.

In Ismailia (3 girls): Roqaya Saeed, Mervat Qandil and Hager Tobagi.

In Gharbiya (two women): Ihtram Sayed and Sanaa Khashab.

In Port Said (one girl): Rasha Gaafar.

In Sohag (one girl): Hiam Ali.

Moreover, the Nabd El-Nahda news media organization said on its Facebook page that 10 girls are reported missing. Those are: Linda – a Bosnian girl who officials claim was dead, but provided no evidence or details of her alleged death; a group of six girls with Dr. Asmaa Khalaf Shandin; Rania Ali Omar Rashwan – arrested with her husband, and then vanished in Cairo; and Ola Abdel-Hakim Mohamed Saeed – arrested by coup forces on July 3 outside Al-Azhar University, and completely vanished since then.
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