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Wed926 2018

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FJP: Suez Canal Project Inauguration Apology Due to President Morsi
FJP: Suez Canal Project Inauguration Apology Due to President Morsi
A Suez Canal project announced by President Morsi just over a year ago is now being inaugurated by the same generals who strongly opposed it then.
Friday, August 8,2014 08:07

 Hamza Zawbaa, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader, criticized military-controlled Media who attacked the Suez Canal project when it was announced by President Mohamed Morsi, and now are cheering the same project for coup leader Al-Sisi.

Zawbaa tweeted: "What an absurd U-turn! Suddenly, the Suez Canal project is no threat to national security. I remember them saying about that same project: "The Muslim Brotherhood are selling Egypt". Today, they describe it as a 'quantum leap'! What a dramatic reversal!

"Dr. Morsi was not a failure, but his endeavors were deliberately thwarted. Proof of this is that the Suez Canal development project announced now is the same one announced under President Morsi, minus the strong military opposition."

Zawbaa further denounced that the Suez Canal project is officially authorized to go ahead in the absence of Parliament, asking: "Was delaying parliamentary elections intended to allow the Suez Canal project to go ahead undebated? Will anyone now dare to discuss that project? Or are they all going to be told: "Keep quiet! This is now a matter of national security".

For his part, Qutb Al-Arabi, journalist, writer and Muslim Brotherhood leader, called on all those who criticized and ridiculed the Suez Canal development project under President Morsi to apologize to him as they ate their own words in this very public volte-face.

He said on his Facebook page: "It has become necessary for all those who criticized and mocked the Suez Canal project in the era of President Morsi to apologize now to him and his aides, who at the time presented a vision of an integrated comprehensive project that far exceeded what Al-Sisi has misappropriated.


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