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Assiut Muslim Brotherhood Denies Connections to Any Acts of Violence
Assiut Muslim Brotherhood Denies Connections to Any Acts of Violence
The Muslim Brotherhood in Assiut accuses military junta of neglecting the province's security needs, exposing all citizens to deadly dangers.
Monday, August 25,2014 01:00

The Muslim Brotherhood in Assiut (in the south of Egypt) denied any connection with the latest violent incident in the province where a car belonging to a police officer in Assiut was torched.

In a statement, the group blamed leaders of the ruling military junta's interior ministry for the deteriorating security crises in the governorate and in Egypt as a whole, and for putting the safety of all citizens at risk, including officers and soldiers.

The group denied a report in a dubious news website which claimed the Muslim Brotherhood admitted targeting the officer's car. The group further stressed that the only solution to stop the spiral of violence in which the country has slipped is trying criminals responsible for murder and torture and achieving fair and prompt retribution.

Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood pointed that, since its inception, the group has worked to provide opportunities to invest energies of young people in volunteer work and nation-building, while the criminal commanders of the army and police persistently worked to kill ambition and hope in the hearts of youths.

The Brotherhood asked: "What do the criminal leaders expect from Egypt's youth after they made them suffer so much, torturing and killing thousands of them, their relatives and their friends?"

Earlier, at dawn on Saturday, unidentified persons torched a private car owned by Mohamed Khairy, an Assiut police officer accused by anti-coup protesters of involvement in torturing detainees.

This is the third incident of its kind in the province of Assiut, which has seen 3,000 arrests since the military coup (July 3, 2013) according to rights organizations and activists, of whom 600 are still in detention, including children.

Also, in Assiut's central prison, at least one death was reported as a result of medical negligence of detainees. Many cases of torture in the province's police stations have been documented, too.


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