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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Congratulates Palestinian People, Resistance
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Congratulates Palestinian People, Resistance
Egypt's pro-legitimacy broad-based coalition of anti-coup groups and parties hails Palestinian victory over Zionist brutality and arrogance.
Thursday, August 28,2014 11:14

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance extends sincere congratulations to the patriotic people of Palestine, and also to the revolutionary Egyptian people and the Arab and Muslim nation at large, for the triumph of the brave Palestinian resistance in the operation code-named "Crushed Straw", which crushed the Zionists' vainglory and irrevocably trampled their theories of brutal aggression, thus failing their Protective Edge operation as Gazans stood steadfast and rallied around the Palestinian resistance and gave it wholehearted support to tread the path of pride and honor.

The Palestinian resistance's victory is not a victory for the Palestinian people alone, but also a victory for all revolutionary men and women and those who fight for rights and freedoms throughout the nation. It is indeed another success for the choice of resistance and steadfastness.

Equally important, the Zionist enemy's defeat is not a defeat for its politicians and cowardly army, but a defeat for all the treasonous supporters of the Zionist American axis. This makes Gaza – the symbol of pride – a model for great people who achieve victory through unity, defiance, determination and perseverance. Indeed, "no right will be lost, if chased persistently".

Victory comes with persistence and patience.
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