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Pro-Democracy Alliance in Qena: Interior Ministry Responsible for Ill Political Prisoners Life
Pro-Democracy Alliance in Qena: Interior Ministry Responsible for Ill Political Prisoners Life
In yet another flagrant violation of human rights, junta prison authorities deliberately deny a political prisoner urgent medical treatment for life-threatening illness.
Sunday, September 28,2014 04:43

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Qena (in Upper Egypt) expressed deep concern for the deteriorating health situation of honorable patriotic citizens detained at Qena General Prison.

The military junta's ministry of interior is brutally maltreating detainees, deliberately delaying transfer of ill political prisoners to appropriate hospitals, thus exacerbating their health problems. For instance, the detainee Bakr Al-Qadi has been held in detention since January 1, 2014 and suffers from cancer. Coup authorities' criminal negligence in providing medical treatment to Al-Qadi led to the spread of the disease in various areas of his body. His condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Security bosses in the interior ministry deliberately hid Al-Qadi's medical report and mercilessly denied him urgent treatment in Assiut University Hospital, keeping him in prison, where he suffers excruciating pains and gross negligence. Evidently, the interior ministry and the prison authority are fully responsible for Al-Qadi's life.
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