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President Morsi Prevented from Attending Trial for Second Time
President Morsi Prevented from Attending Trial for Second Time
Once again, the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi does not show at his trial, as supporters express concern over his disappearance.
Thursday, October 2,2014 05:08

 "The people defend President Mohamed Morsi" campaign condemned the absence of Dr Morsi – for the second time – from sessions of his farcical trials, blamed on security concerns. They further denounced the testimony of Major-General Hassan Abdel-Rahman Youssef, former assistant to the interior minister for the state security apparatus, in the fabricated case of Wadi Natrun prison escape, in the absence of President Morsi, in violation of the law.

The pro-Morsi campaign holds all relevant authorities and individuals in the coup regime fully responsible for President Morsi's life and for the continuation of vindictive retaliatory action against him in glaring violation of the law and the Constitution; and demands he should be allowed to appear in person.

"President Morsi's resilience and steadfastness give his supporters strength and hope. General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will continue to feel guilty until he is tried for all the crimes he and his cronies have committed."

Meanwhile, detained lawyer and MP Sobhi Saleh, the head of Egypt’s Upper House (Shura Council)'s Legislative Committee and a leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), during his trial session in court, in the alleged 'Escape from Wadi Natrun' case, said President Mohamed Morsi is held with him in Borg Al-Arab Prison, a high-security jail.

"The President's absence is unjustifiable. It certainly is not for security reasons. I fear for his safety, because of his absence from two consecutive sessions," Saleh said.

The judge responded: "Mind your own business".
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