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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls 'Topple the Junta' Week of Peaceful Protests
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls 'Topple the Junta' Week of Peaceful Protests
Egypt's Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issues a statement calling for a week of revolutionary, non-violent protest action, under the banner "Topple the Junta".
Thursday, October 23,2014 05:43

 To the great people of Egypt...

On January 25 (2011), the will of the Egyptian people was united, as they chanted, "The people want to overthrow the regime". The head of the regime rolled. However, its remnants used intrigue, treachery and deceit to contain the revolution and break popular will, and executed their counter-revolution of terror and corruption backed by a bloody military coup on July 3, 2013.

Now, it is all clear: we are ruled over by a sectarian terrorist traitor, agent of foreign powers, who despises the will of the people and Egypt's cultural identity – a servant of the Zionist-American coalition, who only knows the language of blood, oppression and slavery.

The Camp David regime is destroying the independence of the judiciary, universities and the entire homeland. It sponsors poverty and ruin. It is destroying society at large, and founding the republic of fear, the State of spies and secret police. It is squandering Egypt's wealth and destroying its national security.

This is not a struggle for power or authority. You, the people, have the authority, and you elected members of your legitimate regime, who are now held captive by the military junta. This, in fact, is a Revolution for freedom, dignity, independence, social justice and cultural identity.

Injustice, oppression and bloodshed have impacted everybody, as the coup commanders and collaborators violated all sanctities. So, let us all – with one voice, one revolution and one united will – chant "The people want to overthrow the regime".

Rise in revolution for justice. The junta regime will not allow your children to join the judiciary, even if they graduate with the highest honors. This regime also slaughters judges who stand firm against oppression and subordination to the military junta. So, rise up against the dens of injustice and tyranny, to establish true justice in your country.

Rise in revolution for dignity. The junta is spending your money on murderous thugs to kill your future and suppress freedoms. Even houses of God now have its government agents, employees authorized to arrest and detain worshipers and preachers. The putschists have desecrated the university and the mosque.

We will not forget the blood of citizens spilled callously following an argument, by a low-ranking police or other security officer – licensed by the junta to kill, maim and deal gross injustice in this State of terror and repression.

Rise in revolution for independence. The absurd terms of the Camp David put Egypt at the service of its enemy. Our gas is exported to Tel Aviv at less than cost, while we live in the dark, to appease the junta's masters in the Knesset. Our country will not be liberated except by overthrowing the regime of dependency and treason.

Rise in revolution for the fair distribution of wealth. The junta's regime distributes land, bonuses and allocating big budgets among the classes of armed corruption, while the people are impoverished, having to face the junta's usual excuses: "we have nothing for you" and "we cannot give you anything". The junta is forcing the people into destitution as punishment for seeking democracy and legitimacy. Hence, we witness the highest rate of suicides in a single month, while coup commanders and collaborators enjoy the country's wealth and resources.

It's time to line up in a wide popular base behind the January 25 Revolution in all public squares across Egypt, to defeat the Camp David treacherous junta who is destroying religion, the people's life and livelihoods, and killing all opponents.

It's time to unite in a mass revolutionary effort to topple the regime of oppression and terror, violence, bullying and abduction of girls, of blood, poverty and subjugation, of undermining national independence. It is time to overthrow the junta's representative Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

Half revolutions are coffins of civilizations. Let all squares of liberty across this homeland witness your revolutionary wrath.

Continue your support for student action in a new week of peaceful protests, under the slogan "Topple the Regime".

Get ready for the uprising of the Egyptian people, demanding the army return to barracks.

Everyone should know that our Revolution is for the truth, justice, freedom, independence, social justice and cultural identity. They should realize that the junta's relentless waves of tyranny will shake the coup regime right from the roots.

Remember that repressive security measures by 'barracks politicians' did not succeed in protecting Mubarak I, and will certainly not succeed in protecting Mubarak II and his cronies and militias. The Revolution will be victorious ultimately.

Let's all brace for November 18

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – October 22, 2014
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