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Pro-Democracy Alliance Condemns Continued Junta Raids on Egypt Villages, Prison Deaths
Pro-Democracy Alliance Condemns Continued Junta Raids on Egypt Villages, Prison Deaths
The junta's repression and violence know no bounds, respect no law as coup forces storm villages, wreaking havoc and killing protesters.
Friday, November 14,2014 19:20
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issued the following statement denouncing the latest military junta escalation against all opposition and political dissent:

The Alliance strongly condemns the continued deliberate and systematic killings in prisons and the violent storming of Egyptian villages across the homeland where revolutionary men and women stand steadfast against the coup.

Coup militias have escalated their maximum-force attacks on all opposition, killing and arresting greater numbers of Egyptians in cowardly raids and crimes of forcible abduction and torture, as they desperately try to blame all violence and terrorism on the Alliance and its members with every call to peaceful revolutionary action it makes.

Meanwhile, tragic consequences of the military's persistence in neglecting its sacred duties, which we warned of hundreds of times, continue to plague the whole country.

We offer our sincere condolences to families of all the martyrs, and pledge to continue on the path of the Revolution until victory is achieved and the murderers are punished. We place full responsibility for the innocent blood of all martyrs on the fascist military coup commanders and collaborators, as well as all their supporters, especially in the White House, the Zionist entity and the Arab Gulf.

We warn the bloody-minded putschists of the crisis getting out of control, despite the Alliance's firm commitment to non-violence. The situation is very dangerous now with the military junta determined to ignite the volcano of anger – the people's rage everywhere.

We bid farewell to the martyrs of Egypt, standing steadfast for the truth, moving forth on the path of salvation. The martyr Dr. Tarek Ghandour will ever be a witness to coup massacres in raging prisons. We warn of the consequences of the coup authorities' persistence in their policy of killing Egyptian hostages in their prisons a slow death through deliberate and criminal negligence of medical-care for those who need it. At least 88 detainees are known to have died such a slow death (for lack of medical-care) in junta prisons since the coup.

Today, the courageous village of Nahia (on the rural outskirts of Cairo), with its honorable martyrs and patriotic people, stands firmly for dignity and freedom, and will remain – along with several other villages and towns brutally stormed by coup forces – stronger than military junta violence and terror.

In this climate of utter repression and barbaric violations, we also strongly condemn the violent storming of the house of Dr. Khaled Saeed, leading member of both the National Alliance and the Salafist Front, and the destruction of the contents of his house in a failed attempt to arrest him, as the junta's media henchmen escalate their campaign of demonization of all opposition and coup forces escalate their persecution of all those who reject the coup.

The Alliance – with all its members – will continue to serve as the homeland's social safety valve. We will move forward with all strength to achieve the objectives of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, to reclaim its constitutional gains and defeat the brutal military coup – the patron of violence, destruction and terror in Egypt. No criminal will escape the hands of fair and prompt justice, and ultimate triumph will be ours, with God's help.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – November 13, 2014
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