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Coup Forces Torture to Death University Student in Egypt Police Station
Coup Forces Torture to Death University Student in Egypt Police Station
A member of the Students Against The Coup (SAC) movement is tortured to death in a Cairo police HQ.
Monday, November 17,2014 10:09

 The Students Against The Coup (SAC) movement said: "Mohamed Ramadan, a Faculty of Law student – Ain Shams University (east of Cairo), was tortured to death by coup forces in a police station after his arrest at the entrance to his university campus 13 days ago".

In a separate statement, SAC announced three new revolutionary events starting Monday, as part of a previously announced demonstration and rally campaign titled 'Break the Siege'. SAC also called on all anti-coup student movement supporters to be ready and participate actively in those three events, namely:

- Monday, November 17th: A huge protest to mark the 'World Student Day' – to highlight the students' continued struggle throughout history and to affirm that students are still the victims of regime repression and their struggle remains as bitter and painful as ever.

- Wednesday, November 19th: The launch of a SAC-led revolutionary wave entitled "Still Steadfast 2" to commemorate the Mohamed Mahmoud street massacre by junta forces, and to affirm the continuation of student struggle to fully achieve the objectives of the January 25, 2011 Revolution against the military regime's repression.

- Sunday, November 23rd: A huge protest to mark the anniversary of the death of the first martyr in university dormitories; i.e. Abdul-Ghani Hamouda, Faculty of Medicine - Azhar University, in order to affirm that student struggle will continue until just retribution is achieve for all the Revolution's martyrs.

SAC further added: "Non-violence is the option we believe in... Self-defense is an inherent right guaranteed for us by all heavenly religions and international laws... We will defend ourselves with all peaceful means of resistance available".
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