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Rafiq Habib: Pro-Democracy National Alliance Non-Violence Foils Junta Civil War Plot
Rafiq Habib: Pro-Democracy National Alliance Non-Violence Foils Junta Civil War Plot
Dr. Habib, Christian thinker, praises the anti-coup coalition for averting civil war and turning foes into friends.
Sunday, November 23,2014 05:40

 Dr. Rafiq Habib, Egyptian analyst, said the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance's chosen approach of peaceful protest for the Revolution has foiled coup schemes to ignite a civil war between junta supporters and opponents and eased the hatred that the coup junta planted among citizens.

On his Facebook page, Dr. Habib said: "The hatred and the desire to commit acts of physical, psychological and verbal violence were bound to destroy the revolutionary movement path, and to ignite a civil war to justify totalitarian military rule, as Egypt reached a state of civil conflict that could have dragged the country into an uncontrollable spiral of violence.

"As the revolutionary movement persisted, the manifested hatred phenomenon gradually declined, and the implicit hatred diminished. And with the revolutionary movement still steadfast, cases where members of the general public confronted the movement have dwindled, although paid thugs and junta militias are still doing their part."

Dr. Habib stressed that the general public's desire to engage in verbal violence in all its forms has weakened, with the climate around revolutionary movement demonstrations gradually changing. And with the Alliance firmly steering the revolutionary movement onto the correct path, it gave the mad military junta no excuse or opportunity to implement its treacherous schemes of ruinous civil war.

"With the change in public mood partly removing hatred, the Revolution's social ground also changed. Segments of society that used to face the revolutionary movement with verbal and even physical violence, turned into passive observers, then into supporters. This affirms the occurrence of significant social transformation in the attitude towards the Revolution.

"The transformation of whole swaths of Egyptian society from verbal and physical violence toward the revolutionary movement to participating in it, indicates the depth of what that movement has been able to achieve under the leadership of the Alliance.

In fact, the maximum anyone expected was for some members of the public to change from attacking the revolutionary movement to just observing its progress."
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