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Pro-Democracy Alliance Presser on Situation in Egypt on Eve of Huge Revolutionary Protest Week
Pro-Democracy Alliance Presser on Situation in Egypt on Eve of Huge Revolutionary Protest Week
A press release by the wide-based coalition of anti-coup groups and politicians warns army and police forces against using violence or spilling more blood.
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Thursday, November 27,2014 22:38

An official source with the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance said the following in response to extreme terror tactics used by the coup regime's security forces across Egypt on the eve of the start of the new Revolutionary week "God is Greatest, We are All United":

First, the army should be pulled off Egypt's roads. The illegitimate coup regime and the military junta are exposing this homeland to a serious national security threat.

Second, we warn the police and military forces against any new bloody massacres. Troops should show commitment to peacefulness, reject all tactics of repression, and side with their people, who are protesting the illegitimate coup.

Third, we call on the revolutionary Egyptian people to take part in the huge protests called by the Alliance in the "All United" week of action, with caution. Complete the revolutionary path all together, and persist through all next waves and stages of your Revolution, to bring down the military junta and achieve the goals of the January 25 Revolution with determination, resilience and selfless devotion.

Fourth: The Alliance is following the situation moment by moment, to take appropriate action in light of the reality on the ground.

We are all united, one hand in the face of the brutal military coup

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday – November 27, 2014


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