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Families of January 25 Martyrs Call Tuesday Day Of Rage Against Ousted Mubarak Acquittal
Families of January 25 Martyrs Call Tuesday Day Of Rage Against Ousted Mubarak Acquittal
Promising continued escalation of non-violent protest action, the Families of January 25 Martyrs Association calls huge rallies Tuesday.
Tuesday, December 2,2014 05:12

 The Families of January 25 Martyrs Association called on all Egyptians to join protests Tuesday in public squares in all governorates of Egypt, against the flawed and absurd ruling to acquit ousted president Mubarak and his senior government officials of charges of killing protesters during the January 2011 Revolution.

In a statement posted Monday on its official page on Facebook, the Association said: "Amid the high tide of popular rejection of the Egyptian judiciary's blatant crime of acquitting criminal Mubarak, his murderous interior minister Habib Al-Adli and their aides, we call on all the Egyptian people to protest Tuesday, in coordination with the families of the Martyrs of the January 25 Revolution, and to rally in all governorates.

"Demonstrations will be launched in all 'important locations' in the capital Cairo throughout the day. In particular, we will rally in Talaat Harb Square in central Cairo on Tuesday evening.

"Protest rallies, demonstrations and other activities will continue and escalate in the coming days... We warn security forces not to challenge demonstrators with any acts of violence."
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