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Press Release: Egyptian Revolutionary Council Underlines Unity in All Liberty Squares
Press Release: Egyptian Revolutionary Council Underlines Unity in All Liberty Squares
Maha Azzam, Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, exhorts all patriotic citizens and anti-coup political groups to close ranks and unite in the face of the fascist junta.
Thursday, December 4,2014 21:01

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) issued the following press release to stress the importance of revolutionary unity:

Closing our ranks in full revolutionary unity is no longer an option, it is an essential duty.

History makes it imperative that, now, we do not think of ourselves or our parties' agendas.

The people's interest requires us to act now like one hand, for the same of millions of our brothers and sisters who have suffered and are still suffering – for decades now – oppression, exploitation and corruption.

For the people of Egypt, for our children, we need to free our country from the tyranny of the military dictatorship once and for all.

The coup regime is weak. We should not wait. We must act now; and unite quickly.

Differences are, in fact, part of the nature of any society.

What we need today is that everyone accepts that each and every one of us must be part of the struggle for the fall of the illegitimate regime and also part of the struggle to build a new Egypt.

Now, let's get in the spirit of unity and integration. Raise the banners… 'We will overthrow the regime', 'We will build a State of Equality and Social Justice', 'Together we will achieve the goals of the January 25 Revolution: bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity'.

All public squares of Egypt belong to each and every one of us, and anyone who says otherwise will (even unknowingly) be part of the scheme that aims to divide us and create a rift between those who have sacrificed their all without distinction.

The longer we take to unite our ranks, the more weakened our uprising will be and the more suffering our people will go through.

Let us move on now... before we regret inaction.

We are one people, and public squares are for every one of us. Egypt belongs to all of us.

The Revolution continues… until we achieve the goals of January 25.

Maha Azzam

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Chairperson


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