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On the 3rd Anniversary, Pro-Democracy Alliance: Military Responsible for Cabinet Building Massacre
On the 3rd Anniversary, Pro-Democracy Alliance: Military Responsible for Cabinet Building Massacre
The Anti-Coup broad-based coalition in Egypt asserts the military council is the culprit behind all massacres since the January 25 (2011) Revolution until now, including the Cabinet Building massacre of December 16, 2011.
Wednesday, December 17,2014 11:07

 In a statement, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance has pledged to achieve retribution for the martyrs of the Cabinet building massacre, killed by the hands of military thugs when the military council ruled Egypt, led by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, in the presence of cowardly general Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

The Alliance further stressed that the heinous murderer has been the same – since January 25 (2011) until now: the military council (also known as Supreme Council of the Armed Forces or SCAF), and its goal has always been to protect the crumbling old order, abort the January 25 Revolution, sabotage all democratic gains, and prevent the Revolution from achieving its national goals. This has become clear to everyone without equivocation or ambiguity.

On the third anniversary of the Cabinet building brutal massacre, the Alliance stressed that more than twenty martyrs were killed in the massacre, including Sheikh Emad Effat and the students Alaa Abdel-Hadi and Mohamed Mustafa. The Alliance also said that the blood of all martyrs, as well as the cries of the 'lynched' girl, will not be forgotten, and that the crimes documented in all massacres since January 25, 2011 and until now will not be time-barred.

The Alliance also assured that the coup commanders and collaborators will not benefit from their continued mindless vengeance, nor from cowardly illegitimate referrals of civilians to military justice, which included 9 women – for the first time in Egyptian history, as well as a number of leaders of the revolutionary movement. It reiterated that it is only a matter of time before the volcano of anger exploded.

In conclusion, the Alliance stressed that junta plots to escape punishment will not succeed, that all its crimes are well documented, and that no criminal will escape retribution. The Revolution's ultimate victory is near, especially as the revolutionary climate is getting better, day after day, for the people to achieve the objectives of the January 25 Revolution, overthrow the military junta, and exact retribution for all coup crimes.

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