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Egyptian Parliament Urges International Community to Stop Violation of Religious Sanctities
Egyptian Parliament Urges International Community to Stop Violation of Religious Sanctities
The Egyptian Parliament in exile strongly condemns attempts to ridicule and insult religious symbols.
Monday, January 19,2015 00:52

In a session held in Turkey on Friday, the Egyptian Parliament issued a statement condemning publication of insulting caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) or any other prophets or sanctities of any divine religion, and urged the international community to take all necessary measures to criminalize insults aimed at God and desecration of religious sanctities.

In a statement, the Egyptian Parliament said: "As we already mentioned, our position is clear: we reject violence, murder and chaos... but we also strongly condemn insults or ridicule aimed at the Prophet of Islam or any prophets or sanctities of the divine religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism). In fact, when such anti-religious insults and ridicule are repeated, sheer will and ill-intent are clearly evident.

"We call on the international community to take all measures that criminalize such hateful attacks on religious symbols and sanctities, which in our view are by no means any lesser crimes than the Holocaust. International law bans denial or trivialization of that crime."

In conclusion, the statement said: "Either we all live in an atmosphere of justice, freedom, dignity and respect for each other's beliefs and religions, or we open the door to chaos and vengeance in a world where justice, fairness and commonsense are absent."


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