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Egyptian Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi Speech in Farcical Trial Hailed
Egyptian Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi Speech in Farcical Trial Hailed
Popular pro-democracy campaign praises elected President Morsi's speech in court in a statement Sunday.
Tuesday, January 20,2015 05:55

 The People Defend President Morsi (PDPM) campaign appreciates the spirit of the Revolution, of steadfastness and perseverance, in President Mohamed Morsi's speech, in the latest hearing session of the sham 'spying' trial.

In a statement Sunday, PDPM listed a number of points that have been raised about the meeting, as follows:

First: Any talk about President Morsi's supposed error in choosing commitment to the natural legal and judicial path to prosecute killers of January 25 revolutionaries, as opposed to the revolutionary trials path, must be followed by a mention of the error of all those who stood against the President's first revolutionary actions to oust Mubarak's Public Prosecutor and to establish the revolutionary prosecution service that could have best protected the Revolution.

Second: President Morsi took the revolutionary actions before the referendum on the Constitution, in the form of a Presidential Decree which gave him the right to do just that. After the referendum, the President was prevented from issuing any new exceptional measures. Consequently, with nothing available but technical reports that did not warrant legal action, the President could not interfere in the prosecution investigation, otherwise he would have been accused of intervening in the affairs of the judiciary.

Third: Judicial corruption was and will remain an obstacle to the achievement of the Revolution,  justice and retribution.

Here, the President – while staying within his powers – on certain occasions took all the revolutionary actions that could have been taken. On other occasions, he followed legal procedures. The Public Prosecution Service and the revolutionary prosecution service are responsible for revealing all the facts. We know from the President's speech that when the revolutionary prosecution service was finalizing its work, the traitorous putschists rushed to execute their murderous coup d'état.

Fourth: Judge Talaat Abdullah (Public Prosecutor in President Morsi's elected government) and Judge Ahmed Makki (former Justice Minister) should reveal whatever detailed information they have on the role of the corrupt judiciary in aborting retribution efforts, and the failure to proceed with the purge of the judiciary, which in turn led to the failure to prosecute and punish the murderers due to slow legal processes, and hence gave the opportunity to the heinous criminals to execute the military coup.

In its statement, PDPM further said: "Notwithstanding all the putschists' criticism, even in his captivity, President Morsi talks like the seasoned statesman that he is, while the junta who grabbed power by sheer force act like armed militias. In any event, the question remains: What is required of the elected President Morsi? To take the revolutionary path, with radical decisions described by some as authoritarian? Or take the legal path with slow processes described by some as weak, inadequate and cowardly?

"The resilience, persistence and determination of President Morsi to defend the Egyptian people's rights is compelling evidence against all criticism of the President's management of the resistance of the deep state, with all the resources and mechanisms available to him and his honest ministers. Ultimately, repeated criticism of both the revolutionary and reform paths, to taint the President's actions, are totally pointless."

The grass-roots PDPM campaign added: "We have all learned from mistakes. We learned that revolutionary actions must be completed. All negative arguments must be transformed into positive ones, with intensive campaigns by everyone to open the fact-finding committee's file, endeavor to achieve retribution, put an end to the military coup, oust the junta, and arrest Al-Sisi and all the murderers. All this will only be achieved by joining the Revolution and turning out in all the Revolution's forthcoming events, starting with the January 25 protests wave.

"As we call on everyone to turn out in the January 25 protests, to wrest the rights of the martyrs and to save Egypt from the catastrophic end the junta is taking it to, we must point that Al-Sisi is only one member of a gang that works for the benefit of Egypt's enemies and therefore must be ousted along with him."

In conclusion, the PDPM statement said: "Let us intensify our endeavors for broad participation in powerful peaceful action on January 25 and thereafter, until we oust the despotic Al-Sisi/Mubarak regime, achieve victory for popular will, and exact retribution for the martyrs' blood. President Morsi will remain the revolutionary leader. He is the best and the most able to lead and cleanse this homeland in post-Revolution Egypt."
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