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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Statement to Egypt Revolutionaries Steadfast in All Streets, Squares
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Statement to Egypt Revolutionaries Steadfast in All Streets, Squares
Mohamed Montasser, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, reiterates: Egyptian Revolution shall continue until all coup, corruption and deep state are thoroughly purged.
Sunday, February 8,2015 05:57

 The non-violent Revolutionary resistance is growing every day; and is now compelling the world to reassess the Egyptian Revolution. We have announced before that the Revolution is a strategic path from which we shall not retreat or turn away, and that the march of the Revolution will not stop when the coup is defeated, but will continue until the homeland is fully purged of the evil of the so-called deep state, the junta and its gangs of corruption as well as counter-revolution beneficiaries.

We reaffirm that there is no place for the military in State administration, and that one of the strategic goals of the Revolution is to restore the army to its sacred real role of protecting national borders, and restoring the military council to its important task of strengthening and developing the military establishment, and to keep the army away from political life.

To all the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution steadfast in streets and squares throughout this homeland every day...

Do not be distracted. Tread firmly on your path towards a complete Revolution that destroys the castles of injustice, tyranny and dictatorship, exacting retribution for the martyrs, the wounded and detainees. There is no room for political solutions anymore, nor for compromise on the blood of martyrs.

Mohamed Montasser

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Saturday – February 7, 2015
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