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Amr Darrag: June 30, 2013 Army and Police Support Affirms Junta Maneuver was No Revolution
Amr Darrag: June 30, 2013 Army and Police Support Affirms Junta Maneuver was No Revolution
Muslim Brotherhood leading member Amr Darrag says latest leaked revelation about army and police forces mobilizing for the junta's June 30 (2013) traitorous maneuver affirms it was a coup.
Tuesday, February 24,2015 04:31

 Dr. Amr Darrag, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in the government of legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, stressed that the recording of the junta's interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim, aired on Al-Jazeera satellite TV station Monday, regarding strong involvement and mobilization by army and police forces in the build up to the June 30, 2013 maneuver that overthrew the legitimate President and trampled the people's democratic choices, confirms that that was no revolution.

In a tweet, Dr. Darrag said: "After what we heard from Mohamed Ibrahim (the interior minister of the coup regime) regarding army and police support for the June 30 maneuver, no-one should continue to describe June 30, 2013 as a revolution.

"On January 25 (2011), the people came out against the Interior Ministry, and on June 30 (2013), according to Mohamed Ibrahim, the Interior Ministry secretly mobilized and supported the so-called demonstrations. Guess which is the revolution and which is the coup?"

Earlier on Monday, Al-Jazeera satellite TV station broadcast a new leaked audio recording of Mohamed Ibrahim, the coup regime's Minister of Interior, in which he reveals that the army and police conspired to overthrow the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, by mobilizing for and supporting the so-called June 30, 2013 demonstrations.

The leaked recording included a conversation between the junta's Interior Minister Ibrahim and his officers during a meeting with leaders of the police towards the end of last year – most likely – which confirmed that he met with officers before June 30 (2013) and that the army and police forces were strongly supportive of these demonstrations, which would not have succeeded otherwise.
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