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More Mass Death Sentences for Anti-Coup Politicians, Citizens
More Mass Death Sentences for Anti-Coup Politicians, Citizens
Eight more people opposed to the coup have been sentenced to death by junta judges.
Tuesday, March 17,2015 04:21

 The Mansoura Criminal Court in Dakahlia province (Nile Delta, in the north of Egypt) has issued more junta execution orders, thinly disguised as death sentences, against 8 people who reject the military coup, in 4 fabricated lawsuits. The court has set two sessions (May 18 and June 22) for a final judgment.

These death sentences are not the first against opponents of the coup in Egypt. They come a day after an economic conference rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party.

Last week, coup authorities carried out the death sentence on young Mahmoud Ramadan, refusing to consider his pleas for a fair trial and proper legal procedures at the court.
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