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Students Against The Coup: Repression Against Cairo Students Will Not Break Our Resolve
Students Against The Coup: Repression Against Cairo Students Will Not Break Our Resolve
After a barbaric and bloody attack by armed coup militias and hired thugs against unarmed students on Cairo University campus, SAC student movement vows to persist in peaceful protest and resistance action.
Monday, April 20,2015 22:51

Ahmed Nassef, the official spokesman for the Students Against the Coup (SAC) movement, said students were subjected to barbaric acts of bullying and repression by the military junta's security forces, accompanied by armed hired thugs. He was referring to a student demonstration at Cairo University, which was attacked Sunday by ferocious security forces that broke it up, leaving many students badly injured.

In a statement about the incident, Nassif added that the maximum-force attack was certainly a horrid violent crime, another junta atrocity.

"Repression cannot break our will. We shall continue our non-violent protest activities. We shall exact retribution for the students who were so viciously attacked and injured on campus today."

SAC further added that its student rally number 100 at Cairo University was attacked by Administrative Security militias and thugs from outside the university who were allowed to enter by police personnel just to attack students.

"A very short time after the start of the students' march within their university campus, Administrative Security militias accompanied by paid thugs attacked students with extreme violence."

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