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Egyptian Revolutionary Council: Open letter to the Leaders attending the 26th ASEAN Summit in Malaysia and Indonesia
Egyptian Revolutionary Council: Open letter to the Leaders attending the 26th ASEAN Summit in Malaysia and Indonesia
Sunday, April 26, 2015 Open letter to the Leaders attending the 26th ASEAN Summit in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Monday, April 27,2015 12:48

Your Excellencies,

As you gather for the 26th annual ASEAN Summit, we would like to respectfully remind your Excellencies on behalf of the Egyptian people that Egypt under the military dictatorship of the coup leader General Sisi is facing one of the worst threats to its stability and development which can have serious implications on regional and international security. Under the current military regime Egypt is experiencing the worst levels of human rights violations, ranging from over 40,000 political detainees, torture, disappearances to execution verdicts of hundreds (as recorded by HRW & Amnesty International). These grave human rights violations go hand in hand with a politicised judiciary and a break down in the rule of law.


Besides the moral and ethical need to uphold the principles of the UN Charter and Human Rights Declaration, the fact is that repression and growing disillusionment is resulting in increasing extremism and violence which are unlikely to be contained within Egypt's boarders.


Security and development are threatened in a country where 40% of the population live on less than $2 a day. Promoting participation by all political forces in Egypt and accountability through a civil society will help foster the cornerstone of real development. The goals of bread, freedom and social justice for which the Egyptian people rose and continue to sacrifice are the keys to stability and prosperity. Egypt has to be free of a military dictatorship that stifles it's political & economic development.

The coup against the legitimately and freely elected President and government of Egypt sends a dangerous signal to all fragile democracies. Furthermore, the coup regime's policies help breed violence that threaten the interests of all those who want to promote security and development.

We wish you every success in your deliberations.

Yours respectfully,

Egyptian Revolutionary Council,

Muslim Brotherhood - International Relations,

The Legitimate Egyptian Parliament



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