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Junta Militias Force False Confessions, Statements from Thirteen Anti-Coup Young Girls
Junta Militias Force False Confessions, Statements from Thirteen Anti-Coup Young Girls
Coup militias in Damietta, Egypt forced thirteen girls to record confessions under duress and torture, contrary to all local and international laws and conventions.
Friday, May 8,2015 09:41

 The Detainees Defense Commission in Damietta said junta security forces tortured and threatened thirteen young girls detained since Tuesday into recording false confessions to crimes they never committed, a notorious regular practice by the repressive regime's brutal militias against all opponents of the coup.

Most of the girls are students aging between 18 and 20 years.

A source within the security forces said the girls were subjected to physical abuse, violence and threats of rape, and forced to record detailed statements dictated to them directly by security personnel, in which they admitted to crimes they had nothing to do with.

Those girls were subjected to enforced disappearances since last Tuesday when coup militias abducted them and held them incommunicado, so their lawyers, parents, families and friends could not reach them in any way at all.

On Tuesday, junta security forces broke up an anti-coup march and arrested the 13 girls in an inhuman attack, violating their basic right to demonstrate.

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