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Dardery: Justice and Rights of Egypt Poor Will Not Be Upheld by Junta, Cronies
Dardery: Justice and Rights of Egypt Poor Will Not Be Upheld by Junta, Cronies
FJP leading member Dardery affirms that Egypt's economic, judicial, social and other crises cannot be solved by a repressive junta and military-appointed kleptocrats and cronies.
Wednesday, May 13,2015 19:58

Abdul-Mawgood Dardery, member of the Freedom and Justice Party's Foreign Relations Committee, said (on his Facebook page) that the fight against poverty and to achieve growth and prosperity in Egypt cannot be won by the military coup regime and a group of beneficiaries with private interests who are endeavoring to keep the murderous military junta in power.

"Egypt needs full support for and whole-hearted efforts to achieve the demands of the January 25 Revolution: social justice and human dignity. The ultimate solution goes well beyond racist statements by racist Ministers. I would not simply demand their dismissal. For, clearly, Ministers and their bosses and all the illegitimate regime must be ousted for Egypt to be rescued from the claws of the junta and its cronies.

"The Egyptian people, without distinction, must reclaim their full rights. Then, they can put an end to injustice and poverty. The dream of social justice will be achieved only after political freedom is guaranteed for all Egyptians."

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