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Military Junta Forces Massacre Basarta Village People in Egypt Nile Delta
Military Junta Forces Massacre Basarta Village People in Egypt Nile Delta
As forces of the military junta in Egypt massacre Basarta village (north of Cairo) – like they did in Delga and Kerdasa – with 13 young girls rounded up and detained and six young men slaughtered, an FJP leader vows the Revolution will go on until it exacts retribution from all the murderous putschists.
Friday, May 15,2015 06:02

 While the traitorous coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi carried red roses in Moscow, Saturday, his heavily-armed militias committed a horrid massacre in Basarta village in Damietta, murdering six peaceful protesters and injuring and arresting dozens more, in the junta's attempt to suppress popular protests demanding the release of 13 girls and three men who had been arrested from another peaceful march earlier on Tuesday.

According to a report on the news website "Araby 21", the junta has imposed an official media blackout in Egypt regarding Basarta raids and massacre. This, however, has not prevented revolutionary and rights activists from uncovering inhuman junta atrocities there.

The ferocity of the raids and massacre reminded Egyptians of the junta militias' storming of other villages such as Al-Maymoun in Beni Suef, Delga in Minya, Nahia and Kerdasa in Giza, and many other villages where coup security forces lay siege then committed the most horrific massacres. Nevertheless, they all remained steadfast in their non-violent opposition of Al-Sisi's repressive regime.

For his part, a leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP - the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) said: "The putschists' violence and terror will not quell protesters or shake their resolve. The Revolution will not subside, and protesters will not hesitate or cower due to the junta militias' murderous violence. The people will continue their revolutionary resistance until they reclaim their usurped freedom and reinstate democratic legitimacy".
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