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ERC Strongly Condemns Reported Execution of Six Egyptians in ‘Arab Sharkas Cell’ Case
ERC Strongly Condemns Reported Execution of Six Egyptians in ‘Arab Sharkas Cell’ Case
Sunday, May 17, 2015 Press statement
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Sunday, May 17,2015 14:16
Today, Egyptian media outlets announced the execution of 6 Egyptians that had been unjustly convicted by a military court in Egypt in the case referred to in the media as the ‘Arab Sharkas Cell’ case. Neither the families of the 6 Egyptians, nor the lawyer on the case had been informed by authorities of the execution, and until this very moment they are unable to confirm if the executions have actually taken place. This is undoubtedly a violation of basic law.
Hany Mostafa Amer, Abdul-Rahman Mohmed El-Sayed, Mohamed Bakry Haroun, Mohamed Aly Afifi, Islam El-Sayed Ahmed and Khalid Farag Mohamed are the six convicted by the military court.
Earlier last month, Human Rights Watch had urged Egyptian authorities to halt the execution and to send the case for retrial before a civilian court after evidence had been provided that three of the six men had been in detention at the time of the crime.
The ERC condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the reported execution of the six men, including Abdul-Rahman Sayed, a young man in his early twenties. From the acts of the military dictatorship in Egypt, it is becoming increasingly apparent that it does not believe the lives of citizens are of any value. The numerous violations of human rights and basic laws that this case has foreseen leaves many speechless of the crimes of this regime. Not only does it execute innocent Egyptians for political scores, but it also neglects informing the families’ of the fate of their relatives, leaving them confused and devastated. This is a  clear flaw in the judicial process, let alone putting civilians to trial before a military court.
On her behalf, Dr Maha Azzam, head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council said: “The Egyptian regime has to be held directly accountable for the execution of citizens without any due process. The silence of western governments and the international community is giving a free hand to the Sisi regime to carry out death sentences. These grave abuses of justice will draw Egypt into a cycle of violence and instability that will affect the whole region. Governments and international organisations need to take action now against this brutal regime.”
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