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Heshmat Welcomes German Parliament Speaker's Cancellation of Coup Commander Meet
Heshmat Welcomes German Parliament Speaker's Cancellation of Coup Commander Meet
Norbert Lammert cancels planned meeting with Al-Sisi in Berlin citing human rights violations, including the sentencing to death of dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
Wednesday, May 20,2015 19:55

Gamal Heshmat, Egyptian Parliament Speaker, welcomed the German Parliament Speaker Norbert Lammert's decision not to meet with coup leader Al-Sisi during the latter's forthcoming visit to Berlin, adding that the revolutionary people of Egypt appreciate this, as it respects international charters, principles and human rights.

In exclusive statements to Ikhwanweb, Heshmat said, "The world community and the West must understand this decision. They should look carefully at the flagrant violations of human rights Egypt suffers under military rule, and stop looking only for their interests, disregarding all international principles and norms".

The Egyptian Parliament Speaker reminded the West that, "The military coup in Egypt has not only crushed democracy, by executing a coup d'état removing an elected civilian president, but now has the audacity to threaten the lives of innocent elected figures, including President Mohamed Morsi, sentencing them to death. Coups are a threat to democracy in the whole world".

Heshmat pointed that Egyptian young people, from all political currents and orientations, as well as journalists and opposition leaders, in the military junta's prisons suffer brutal and unprecedented repression, while coup authorities viciously muzzle mouths and restrict freedoms like never before in Egypt's history.

He further reminded the international community that: "The military coup insists on pushing Egyptians to violence and revenge outside the law, by destroying justice and sabotaging the democratic process. Nevertheless, the revolutionary men and women of Egypt are committed to protecting the homeland despite the junta's severe repression".

Gamal Heshmat added that in Egypt, the solution lies in victory for the January 25 Revolution and its principles, restoration of democracy and the establishment of the rule of law and justice, pointing that there will be an Egyptian revolutionary solution at the hands of Egyptian youth, who are determined to reclaim freedom and dignity, uphold human rights and reinstate popular will.


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