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Interview with Egypt's Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi
Interview with Egypt's Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's short interview with his son Osama.
Monday, May 25,2015 04:17

 The President's message to the revolutionary men and women of Egypt:

- Continue the Revolution. Do not retreat, hesitate or cower.

- I believe that the Revolution will triumph, and the coup will come to an end.

- My deepest condolences to the families of all martyrs. I appreciate and solemnly salute the steadfastness of all the detainees and the oppressed. The Revolution is the way to wrest their rights and achieve their demands.

- I am undeterred by my death sentence. It is like the snipers tasked to kill protesters in the streets and squares of Egypt. I stand committed to the principle and the position against the coup.

I am not afraid. I am confident that with the Revolution we will hold all those to task in fair and prompt trials. I promise the free and patriotic men and women of Egypt that I will not be less courageous or steadfast in facing and rejecting the coup than the brave revolutionaries in the streets.

The webpage #قبضة_الرئيس (the President's hand-grip) had an exclusive interview with Osama Mohamed Morsi, the first after his meeting with his father President Morsi in a courtroom yesterday (Saturday) after months of no communication at all.

The text of the full interview:

1. How was the first meet with President Mohamed Morsi after the illegitimate death sentence?

- I met with President Morsi for 15 minutes in a courtroom, yesterday (Sunday), after the end of the proceedings of the first session of the fabricated Insulting the Judiciary case. He shook my hand with a smile. His mental and psychological state is good. He is still optimistic; believes – as he told me – that the Revolution is drawing a clearer path than ever before, and that now Egypt knows the enemies of the Revolution and the homeland more clearly.

2. What was the President's comment on the judge's illegitimate decision to refer his case to the Grand Mufti for approval of the death sentence against him?

- The President told me: I am undaunted by this decision or any other verdict or sentence. We must not pay attention to it.

For me and for all free patriotic people defending Egypt, this death sentence is not at all different from the coup regime's tasking of a sniper to shoot protesters in anti-coup demonstrations killing and wounding innocent people.

3. Is he not afraid of execution? Haven't you told him about people being deeply concerned about that?

- The President told me with confidence: "I'm not afraid. I am confident that with the Revolution we will hold all those to task in fair and prompt trials. I promise the free and patriotic men and women of Egypt that I will not be less courageous or steadfast in facing and rejecting the coup than the brave revolutionaries in the streets.. I will stand steadfast as I have been – the same position, principle and vision, rejecting and facing up to the coup".

4. What is the solution, from President Morsi's standpoint?

- The President said that the solution is that the Revolution must complete its path without any retreat. He added: "The coup leaders aim to break the people's will and defeat the Revolution, But I call upon everyone to complete the Revolution without fear".

5. But the coup regime continues to murder protesters.

- President Morsi offers his deepest condolences to the families of all martyrs killed by coup forces. He solemnly salutes all the detainees and the oppressed.

President Morsi further told me: "The Revolution is what will wrest the people's rights and exact retribution from the murderers. The coup is on the way to failure. The Revolution's commitment to its demands and objectives will result in a major defeat of the coup".

6. The illegitimate death sentence motivated a lot of people to support President Morsi?

- I informed the President of the people's solidarity and criticisms. He thanks all those who support him and the oppressed in Egypt. He said he draws strength and steadfastness from the revolutionaries' resilience and bravery, and will remain steadfast until the Revolution triumphs and achieves its objectives and retribution.

7. But the revolutionaries are incensed by the President's response to some judges' absurd actions and violations?

- The President told me that those judges who insist on placing him behind a glass barrier – which prevents him from hearing all the details of his case – fear facing him without this barrier. He added that he would not respond in kind to lowly and barbaric behavior that reflects the depravity of the coup leaders' camp. "They are very much like their leader (Al-Sisi)".

8. What is President Morsi's message to Egyptians?

- First, he asked me about the people, about their lives, high prices and suffering. I told him how bad things are. He said: "The Revolution will change everything for the better. Do not worry".

9. What is the President's message to the revolutionaries and families of martyrs and detainees?

- He said: "Tell everyone that the Revolution is the best solution. It is the most important path. The coup is moving from failure to failure. It will not last. We shall exact retribution from the murderers. No-one can overlook or surrender retribution".

10. Anything else you wish to say to the Egyptian people about President Morsi?

- President Mohamed Morsi is stronger than ever before. He assures the Revolution will triumph against this coup, and calls upon the revolutionary people of Egypt to complete the of the Revolution. He remains very optimistic.
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