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Dardery Denounces Displacement of Copts; Urges Church to Stand with Revolution
Dardery Denounces Displacement of Copts; Urges Church to Stand with Revolution
FJP leading member Dardery condemns the expulsion of Coptic families, inviting Egypt's Christians to actively join the Revolution.
Saturday, June 6,2015 06:46
Abdul-Mawgood Dardery, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)'s Foreign Relations Committee, said: "The FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood recognize the right of Copts to enjoy full citizenship in this one homeland, and as such have their rights and their duties".

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dardery added: "Expelling Coptic families from their homes and villages is unacceptable, even with the illegitimate coup regime trampling all citizens' rights and the Church involved in tearing national unity ties and threatening social peace.

"The Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP are committed to their principles of tolerance and justice, in spite of all the violations and injustice they suffered and in which the Church participated. We cannot accept the violation of any Christian's rights."

Dardery called upon Christians of Egypt to bolster the national and social ties of citizenship, and to do everything to hold society together, not break it apart. He pointed that the coup that has trampled the law is to blame for what is happening now for all the sons and daughters of Egypt, and not only Christians.

He stressed the importance of not seeking to implicate the Muslim Brotherhood or the FJP in any Coptic crisis, pointing that the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP are fighting alongside the men and women of the Revolution, alongside many Egyptian Copts in the resistance against the illegitimate coup regime, to uphold law and justice which safeguard all citizens' rights and meet their demands.
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