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MP Dr. AbdulMawgoud Dardery: Statement to People of My Province: Luxor
MP Dr. AbdulMawgoud Dardery: Statement to People of My Province: Luxor
A Luxor parliamentarian accuses the military junta of staging the latest attacks there, and urges all Egyptians to rise in rage against this and other atrocities by the illegitimate coup regime.
Friday, June 12,2015 04:20

 As one of the parliamentarians of Luxor governorate, I strongly reject and condemn the latest attacks near the Temple of Karnak, one of Egypt's most important tourist attractions, whatever the justifications. I offer my sincere condolences to all the victims.

Certainly, this incident brings to mind the bombing of the Two-Saints Church in Alexandria. It is evidence that the policies of the coup regime continues to use terrorizing Egyptians in order to remain in power longer, despite the fiasco of its total failures on all levels.

I stress that freedoms, rights and livelihoods are under threat, in an unprecedented way, under the coup regime, as is tourism and all citizens, who suffer unbearable living conditions.

I call on all Egyptians to come out against the military junta to overthrow the illegitimate coup regime using all means of lawful popular resistance, and to endeavor to protect the homeland and its tourist attractions, considering the rapid deterioration of all aspects of life in Luxor and the other governorates across Egypt, until we restore justice and freedom for all.

God Save Luxor, Egypt and Egyptians from all evil

Dr. AbdulMawgoud Dardery 

Member of Parliament

Freedom & Justice Party 
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