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Muslim Brotherhood Hails Steadfast Revolutionaries; Vows: No Retreat Till Ultimate Triumph
Muslim Brotherhood Hails Steadfast Revolutionaries; Vows: No Retreat Till Ultimate Triumph
Saturday, June 13,2015 09:05

The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates the masses of patriotic people who turned out in streets across Egypt to protest against the criminal military coup authorities, the defiant people who work continuously and tirelessly in defense of the martyrs' rights and Egyptians' freedoms. The group solemnly salutes the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, which leads the Egyptian Revolution against the brutal and bloody coup regime since the first moments of the coup.

The group reiterates that its options and decisions are the same as those of Egypt's honest and patriotic people who refuse injustice, repression, murder, detention, kidnapping and enforced disappearances of good citizens, including the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman and Guidance Bureau members, who always stood steadfast against injustice.

In these precarious moments in our homeland, the Muslim Brotherhood calls on the Egyptian people, all patriotic citizens, revolutionaries and real political currents, to continue to work for the removal of injustice and the deep state that stands behind it. We vow to continue our best endeavors in the Egyptian people's Revolution, for its goals and objectives: freedom, social justice and human dignity; and for democracy, retribution from the murderers, and rights for the oppressed.

The Muslim Brotherhood



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