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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood: Military Junta Continues to Hold Hostage Guidance Bureau Members
Muslim Brotherhood: Military Junta Continues to Hold Hostage Guidance Bureau Members
Sunday, June 14,2015 23:18

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that the illegitimate military coup regime's crimes of abduction, enforced disappearance, torture and the fabrication of charges against members of the group's Guidance Bureau amount to war crimes that must be investigated and punished.

The group places full responsibility on the brutal coup regime for the safety of hundreds of kidnapped people who disappeared forcibly, especially four members of the group's Guidance Bureau. We are deeply concerned for the lives of the group's abducted leaders and hundreds of revolutionaries, as evidence abounds that the coup's security forces are routinely involved in use of inhuman torture devices and methods against all dissidents, as well as atrocities and crimes against humanity.

The Muslim Brotherhood asserts that the junta's policy of kidnapping, forced disappearance, torture and fabrication of charges against dissidents cannot be tolerated. Moreover, there is no telling what reactions some of these crimes may spark in the circles of those who have been afflicted by them.

Leaders of the group's Guidance Bureau so abducted and forcibly disappeared are beacons for the national non-violent anti-coup struggle, along with tens of thousands of men and women, young and old, who are facing military coup with their bare chests, with no fear of the military junta's bullets, detention or torture. And in their footsteps we follow.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: Sunday – June 14, 2015
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