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Press Conference on Verdict Against Egypt's Elected President Mohamed Morsi
Press Conference on Verdict Against Egypt's Elected President Mohamed Morsi
A press conference is to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, tomorrow Tuesday June 16, regarding the unjust verdict issued by Egypt's junta-controlled judiciary against the country's legitimate President.
Monday, June 15,2015 18:47

By invitation of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, a press conference is to be held by parliamentary and popular Egyptian and Turkish organizations and bodies as well as revolutionary entities, tomorrow Tuesday at 12:00 in Zubaydah Hanim Hall, Akdeniz Street. Attendees will announce their positions with regard to the verdicts issued in Egypt against the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi.

Conference activities will start at midday. Participants will detail their stances vis-à-vis the unjust verdicts and sentences issued against President Morsi and his aides and the judicial system in Egypt and the Arab region.

Participants in the conference will include representatives of:

The Legitimate Egyptian Parliament

Legitimate Egyptian Ministers

Egyptian Revolutionary Council

Arab groups and stakeholders

Popular Turkish groups and stakeholders

Egyptian and Arab youth blocs

Human rights organizations

Address: Molla Gürani, Oğuzhan Cd. No:19, 34093 Fatih / Istanbul, Turkey

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/e1qiG

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