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Tue927 2022

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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Mohamed Montaser Marks Two Years Since Murderous Military Coup
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Mohamed Montaser Marks Two Years Since Murderous Military Coup
Saturday, July 4,2015 19:52

Solemn greetings to the steadfast President Morsi

Greetings to the leader who would not acquiesce in injustice

Greetings to the President who would not comply with the demands of the corrupt

Greetings to the leader who would not compromise on his homeland, legitimacy, or religion

Greetings to all the free honorable people steadfast in the face of the murderous traitorous coup commanders.

We will complete our Revolution. We will reject and resist the coup until our last breath. We will dream of and endeavor for freedom. We will break the chains. We will dream of an independent homeland in which we live free and proud. We shall live in such a homeland, notwithstanding all the tyrants' brutality.



Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Revolutionary Egypt

Friday - July 3, 2015


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