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President Morsi Son Released After One Year Imprisonment on Fabricated Charges
President Morsi Son Released After One Year Imprisonment on Fabricated Charges
Abdullah Morsi, the youngest son of President Mohamed Morsi, is released after spending a whole year in a coup prison for supposedly smoking hash.
Wednesday, July 22,2015 05:45

 President Mohamed Morsi's family announced the release of his youngest son after serving a one-year jail sentence on trumped-up drug possession and consumption charges.

Osama Mohamed Morsi, the family's spokesman, confirmed his brother was released Tuesday evening.

In July 2014, coup authorities rounded up the President's son and one of his friends on drug charges, which were strongly denied by family and lawyers, who affirmed this was nothing but another coup attempt to demonize the President and Islamists.

Earlier, coup authorities absurdly refused to allow Morsi's son to challenge or appeal the initial verdict that convicted him on false charges in a sham trial. Then, they refused to release him after spending three-quarters of the time, according to the law, and instead insisted on him completing the one-year sentence in full.
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