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Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Aqsa Solidarity Week, Hails Revolutionary Unity Calls
Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Aqsa Solidarity Week, Hails Revolutionary Unity Calls
The broadbased anti-coup coalition in Egypt calls a new week of non-violent revolutionary protests in support for Aqsa Mosque.
Friday, July 31,2015 10:20

 Throughout history, we supported our brothers in Palestine in their defense of Al-Aqsa mosque, the holy sites and the occupied territories. Today, we continue to share the endeavors of the resistance in Palestine and Egypt. While our brothers in Palestine resist the Zionist military occupation, we in Egypt resist the military occupation-by-proxy, which is collaborating with the Zionist occupation, and is using all Egypt's resources to serve its Zionist masters – the price for staying in power illegitimately.

In spite of our wounds, and our martyrs who have fallen in defense of truth, freedom and dignity, we have never forgotten Al-Aqsa. In light of the escalating attacks and increasing dangers, we call on the men and women of Egypt's Revolution to join the "Solidarity with Al-Aqsa" week, to assure our brothers in Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine, indeed all Arabs and Muslims at large, that our cause is one, and so is our enemy, and that the way of salvation is also one.

This fresh week of revolutionary action comes as the failing murderer Al-Sisi uses all State resources in his fake celebration of the imaginary project – the so-called new Suez Canal, which follows 6 previous such projects that never witnessed any celebrations. But here the traitor organizes big celebration parties and spends millions of Egyptian pounds to buy guard dogs just to celebrate this sub-canal which in fact is smaller and less significant than some of its predecessors.

This failed project is one of a series of continuous failures by the coup regime, as it fails to achieve anything for the benefit of the citizen. However, the coup regime choses to double the suffering of the citizens, and increases their burden with additional debt, further prices rises and lack of services – brutal punishment for the people who once rose against military rule and demanded freedom, dignity and their livelihood.

This week also comes while the coup authorities order renewed detention of the leaders of the January 25 Revolution, including Magdi Hussein, head of the Independence Party and editor of the AlShaab AlGadid newspaper; Essam El-Din Derbala, head of the Islamic Group's Shura Council; and Dr. Magdy Qorqor.

The coup regime continues to hold the rest of the political action leaders in detention, including Dr. Saad Katatni, head of the People's Assembly and Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party; Abul-Ela Madi, head of the Centre Party; Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail; and other political leaders, to punish them for their leadership of the democratic process which the junta does not wish for it to progress in Egypt. We solemnly salute these esteemed leaders who are certainly great examples of sacrifice, giving and steadfastness.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance always renews its calls for revolutionary unity in order to overthrow this brutal coup and recover the democratic process. The Alliance welcomes the Revolutionary Socialists' statement, and appreciates their call for revolutionary unity. The Alliance also appreciates all the calls and moves that are going in that direction at present, and hopes those will succeed, and achieve victory for the principles of the Revolution and its martyrs.

Victory for the Revolution, and its men and women in the streets and behind bars

Anti-Coup Alliance rejected the coup

Thursday - July 30, 2015
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