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Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum: Killing Preachers a Most Horrid Crime
Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum: Killing Preachers a Most Horrid Crime
The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum issues a statement accusing the illegitimate junta's Interior Ministry of the extrajudicial killing of 5 preachers and teachers of the Holy Quran.
Friday, August 7,2015 04:49

 "Once again, the junta's murderous militias committed a heinous crime, slaughtering five well-known peaceful preachers, imams of local mosques and teachers of Quran, earlier today (Thursday), in Fayoum governorate (to the south-west of Cairo).

"The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum vows that today's crime will not be forgotten. This attack and cold-blooded murder of patriotic preachers and teachers of Quran will be a curse on the killers.

"The coup militias' repeated crimes and inhuman brutality will not deter the men and women of the Revolution. Those will continue their Revolution and defend the truth. These horrid crimes will not stop the Revolution or discourage its free men and women.

"The Revolution will avenge its martyrs. No murderer will get away with his crime."

Earlier, Thursday afternoon, the illegitimate junta's criminal militias attacked a Quran school where the six martyrs had been, on agricultural land owned by one of them. The murderous militias then broke into the Quran school and killed them.
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